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Bidyoke.com website, its owner, administrator and affiliates explicitly declares the following disclaimers:
*This site is offered free and will remain free in the future.  The creator of the site is offering this site for educational purpose only.
*Programmers, hosting owner/provider, domain registrar, Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook is/are "NOT AFFILIATED". These are third party entities without knowledge of the purpose of this site.  Thus this disclaimer hold these third party entities free from any liabilities due to lack of intention, knowledge and purpose of the existence of this site.
*Any legal issues shall only be addressed directly to us and holds third party entities free from any liability.
*We do not own any of the videos posted here unless firmly stated
*We do not guarantee any video posted for its accuracy, completeness or correctness of content nor applicability in real life
*Copyright/s of videos posted here stays with owners, we do not lay claim of any copyright whatsoever
*All videos posted here are submitted or scraped and collected via automated process so we do not have control over what is posted
*Since the "EMBED" function is enabled and allowed via Share link on Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook, the poster of the video automatically extended the right for such video to be posted in a third party website similar to this site. (Refer to Google/Youtube)
*By continuously viewing any content in this site, you as a user automatically grant immunity to this site from any possible legal rammifications brought upon by any copyright issue
*Since we do not lay claim to any video, we will gladly take down any video by request, granting that the request is done based on our DMCA takedown instructions
*Anybody can claim any videos on the internet so it is impossible for us to simply comply without investigation, we will abide by laws of any land, but we do reserve the right to question such takedown request until we are satisfied the request is valid and is coming from real owners
*This disclaimer is in effect the moment a person connects to any url of this site, with or without page views
*Ignorance of this Disclaimer notice does not exempt from the agreement any person visiting this site.